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Free range grass fed sheep

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Free Range Farms

All of our meat comes from specially selected farmers. Most have been farming for many years and understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals. We visit our farmers frequently and have built up a strong relationship based on honesty, trust and the highest of ethical business practices. In addition, we are constantly on the look out to extend our range of quality, ethically farmed meats. Our principles on ethical farming with a focus on uplifting local farmers means we only stock the finest meat and meat products. If the meat is not in line with our principles, we will not stock it or supply it to our customers.

Vaughn Skead

With over 110 years of farming on the same piece of land, the Skead family farm headed by Vaughn Skead supplies us with our legendary grass fed beef. He treats his animals the way they should be treated. The cattle are grass fed and finished, they graze in green pastures and are healthy, happy cattle. Vaughn is one of the best farmers in the country and we know this because of the meat that he supplies to Braeside Butchery. Free range and ethically treated animals will always produce the tastiest meat around!

Ian Stanley

Ian has managed to get us the best lamb in the country from various different farmers who all believe that nature does the best job — without man intervening with unnecessary medicines and chemicals. We leave it to Ian to get Braeside Butchery the best meat farmers. Once more a free range sheep which has been raised as nature intended will always taste better.

These are but a few of our trusted suppliers. We work hand in hand with our suppliers to give you the best grass fed meat in Johannesburg.