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Certified Free Range & Grass Fed Meats.
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Cooking tips for meat preparation and cooking.
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Sustainable and Ethical Food and Catering Workshop
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Why we only sell free range, grass fed products.
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Free range cattle



The guiding principles of this protocol are –

  1. BEEF, SHEEP & PORK shall not be fed a diet that is not natural to the animal. In particular BEEF and SHEEP shall be raised on a diet almost exclusively of indigenous grass.
  2. BEEF & SHEEP shall be allowed to roam freely in large pastures for the animals’ entire lives prior to slaughter and shall not be locked in a feedlot or in man-made structures (whether with or without restraining pens or cages or tethering systems) except at night or during adverse weather conditions.
  3. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK feed shall be free of routine antibiotics and chemicals designed to stimulate growth.
  4. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be slaughtered humanely at a registered abattoir that is close to the farm.
  5. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be transported in a hygienic and safe manner before and after slaughter.
  6. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be deboned and prepared in hygienic premises.
  7. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be advertised as Braeside’s Free Range Grass Fed meat by approved customers only.
  8. BEEF, SHEEP, PORK shall be traced from farm to fork.

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Firewood in Johannesburg

For the best quality firewood in Johannesburg at great prices, has amazing service and will impress! For cooking meat on a braai choose sekelbos as it gives the meat a smokey aroma. For fireplace wood choose the hardwood or bluegum, which burns the longest.

Crazy SPECIALS to Celebrate Bryanston Organic Market's Birthday Month

30 years ago a forward thinking couple decided to start selling fresh produce at Mount Michael Waldorf School. Today this Market has become the go-to place for everyone searching out certified organic produce sold in the beautiful park like setting of the school at 20 Culross Road, Bryanston.

As Braeside Meat Market we are so honoured to have shared the last few years journey with this Market. To celebrate their birthday we have some amazing specials available only at our Bryanston Market stand.

Here are a few other wonderful items you can purchase Thursdays and Saturdays between 09h00 and 15h00 at the Market:

The Loaf - Owned by Alain Algrain and run as a family business, these talented pastry makers have a wide range of baked goods available - all made using stoneground flour, free range eggs and plenty of love. Yannick, Alain's daughter, will point out their famous breads and tempt you with a little sweet tart.

Green Bean African Coffee - Lee Anderson will gladly share her extensive knowledge of sourcing beans from around the world, debunking many myths about coffee supply. No shop is complete unless you have purchased some yirgacheffe coffee

Please visit the online shop page to get to the Braeside Butchery Online Shop.


We welcome a few new ranges to our Greenside store this week.

Antonia's - Vegan friendly, gluten free and sugar free range of delicious goodies

Baker Arwen - Stoneground flour and free range egg based artisanal breads (freshly baked and delivered every morning piping hot)

Family Milkery - Based in the outskirts of Benoni, this small family business provide us with their milk, cream and limited range of dairy products freshly collected from their small dairy herd (more details to follow in our next newsletter about why we love what they do!)